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Here are some frequently asked questions. If we do not have an answer for some of your questions please send us your question!


Who makes your Canvases?

We primarily make our Canvases right in the USA! Some orders could be made in manufacturing HQs in other countries as well.

How do you plant the trees?

We teamed up with EdenProjects to help us plant the trees.

How many trees can I plant with a single purchase?

We plant 28 trees from each sale regardless of size and type of the canvas.

What sizes do the Canvases come in?

The sizes of the Canvases can differ, but you can find more details on that in the product details.

What are your Canvases made of?

Our Canvases are made of cotton and polyester Canvas and the print is stretched over a wooden frame (included in the price) so is ready to hang on your wall immediately!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can, send us an email so we can help you out!

How do I change my shipping address or make changes to my order?

Our awesome customer service team will make any changes you would like to make, just simply send us an email.

For international orders, are VAT and other duty fees included in the price?

Please note that customs and VAT fees are not included in the price. You will be required to pay these expenses upon arrival (depending on your country).

Is EarthMedia secure?

Absolutely! Our site is encrypted, we have a verified SSL certificate, and do not store any sensitive billing information on our servers. All billing information is handled by our PCI Level 1 (the highest) compliant credit card processor.

When will I get my Canvas?

We ship the Canvases within 1-4 days after the purchase.


Any additional questions and inquiries can be sent to the following email: team@28trees.org